Games of Champion Fitness was in research and development for approximately two years before the official launching in 2006. GCF is a sports training company created to prepare student-athletes in many different areas.

What makes GCF unique is that the members of our team of consultants are all former collegiate and professional athletes. This enables our clients to receive the highest quality training from professionals who have played the game themselves. What we teach cannot be duplicated due to the nature of this specialized knowledge.

The vision of this company is to create an impact on the lives of people, starting with the most important, our kids. The purpose of GCF is to shape the lives of today’s youth in a positive way, affecting them mentally, physically, and spiritually. GCF strives to shape our youth by promoting these core values: faith, integrity, perseverance, responsibility, dedication, vision, courage, and a general understanding of life.

The bottom line is that GCF has been created to inspire!

Coach Ray speaking