There are three main programs we offer to student athletes:

1. Specialized Sports Training Programs which include:

- Specialized Field Training and Coaching
- Weight Training and Conditioning
- Speed and Agility Training
- Cardiovascular and Conditioning
- Football Combine Training

There are several areas of focus within the four specialized sports training programs, including:

1. Strength and Endurance Conditioning
2. Plyometrics, Acceleration and Overspeed Training
3. Specialized Sports Specific Training
4. Injury Rehabilitation
5. Cardiovascular Fitness Training
6. Weight Loss / Gain Program
7. Nutritional Guidance

We offer individual, group or entire team sessions for any of our available programs, which can be customized to fit each team's needs. We can come to you for team training and we will adjust the number of coaches for large teams.

2. Student - Athlete Exposure Program
This program is designed to help expose the student-athlete to various colleges and universities via sending personalized letters to coaching staffs / athletics departments, and video footage of high school games, and by contacting universities for student-athletes by phone, etc. The goal is that this will lead to a continuation of their athletic career at their chosen college or university.

UT Quarterback

3. Student - Athlete Academic Preparation Program
GCF partners with a tutorial company to host an incredible workshop, "2-Point Conversion". Created for students to learn and review the fundamentals for effective test preparation while learning strategies before and during the test that will help eliminate any anxiety. When all else fails, students will learn a method for effective cramming in "emergency situations". In addition, we offer tutoring for specific college entrance exams such as SAT / PSAT and ACT.