We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, from staff to
participants to sponsors.  As the quality of our camps has improved each year, after
a 3 year lay off due to Covid, this team displayed why we are definitely the #1 
training company in the country!  

The messages that each speaker spoke into the lives of our future leaders, along
with the young talent, skill and ability of our athletes made
"Seeing It Differently..."
a special event. Since 2010, every camp has been different... however, they all have
that special GCF atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else.


One of the main focuses of the camp is to instill inspiration through our speakers
to help our youth impact their communities in a positive way, while helping the kids 
find direction, meaning and purpose in their lives.  


Trey Iversen - Memorial H.S   Kenny White Jr.- Stratford H.S.
Offensive MVP Lineman MVP
   Syncere Nealy - Hasting H.S.       Daniel Espinoza - Northbrook H.S.
Overall MVP Defensive MVP




Day 1

Special Guest Speaker


Mr. Rob Johnson!

Thank you Mr. Johnson for such a Great Message!

Day 2
Guest Speaker

Mr. Steve McCarthy!
(Houston's Top Lawyer)

We would like to say THANK YOU to our sponsors,
without you this camp would not be possible. We appreciate all your support!

Robert and Marcy Duncan

Tommy and Julie Gillaspie

Tod and Amy Greenwood

Newt and Shelly Barineau

Kelli Peacock

Flint Chaney Photography


Defender 5 Hydroguard 

and our partners, SpringSpirit Baseball

Day 3
Guest Speaker

Mr. Damon Cooper!
(Executive Director of Business Development)

Day 4
Featured Speaker

Coach Rodney Ray!
(Founder, GCF)

We would like to say thanks to all the parents who have supported
our vision of impacting and changing the lives of our youth over the past 18 years.
Because of you, we have been able to motivate, inspire, encourage, change, redirect,
impact and build the lives of countless kids from various backgrounds since 2004.
Please know we appreciate all you do, thank you!

"Without the VISION of something will never venture
beyond the boundaries of your limitations...."

Dare to DREAM.

"Building The Youth Who Shape The Future..."


JULY 18 - JULY 21!

  Guest speakers daily.
(space limited)

Location: SpringSpirit Sports Complex   -   8526 Pitner Rd. Houston, TX 77080

Time: 5pm - 8:30pm

Tuition: $295.00


Featured Speaker

July 18th @ 7:30pm





Robert Johnson is the President / Owner of M.Cooper Winsupply based in Mokena,IL.  M. Cooper Winsupply is a wholesale distributor of Plumbing, PVF, Hydronics, and HVAC supplies to the residential and commercial construction industry in Chicago.

He has over 20 years of industry experience that includes time spent in both manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Rob is a 1996 graduate of Northwestern's School of Education with Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies.

Rob played center at NU from 1992 - 1995, starting a then record of 45 consecutive games and was elected co-captain of the 1995 Big-Ten Championship Team, while earning 1st Team All-Big Ten honors in 1995.

Rob is a current mentor as part of Northwestern University's Football Mentoring Program. He also grew up on the Southside of Chicago, and currently lives in Glen Ellyn with his wife Nika and three children Gwenyth, Braeden and Rex. Robert is currently serving as President of The Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles Youth Football Program with over 500 young men participating on annual basis.


Join Coach Ray July 21st @ 7:30pm as he presents

"20/20 Seeing It Differently..."



JUNE 6 - JULY 25


JUNE 7 - JULY 26


(1st Team All-Big Ten Safety, Mr. William Bennett)

These are Collegiate / Professional Level Training Programs
Due to the program being progressive in instruction, we cannot allow individuals to enter the program once training begins.  This is because we will be adding new material each week and will not be able to go back and re-teach what was previously taught.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS, so please get registered before the deadline
MAY 23 , 2022

(Nation's top strength and conditioning coach, Coach Larry Lilja)


(Individual Speed and Agility Training Offered Year-Round)
You can also contact us at: or 832-894-1684 to register or for any additional information. 



2022 "20/20 Seeing It Differently...."

All-Positions Football Camp
July 18 - 21, 2022

Spring Speed and Agility Training Program

March 26 - May 21, 2022

8 Week Program

 Saturdays 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM // Wednesdays 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Summer Field Training and Coaching Program

June 6 - July 25, 2022

8 Week Program

Mondays 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM // Thursdays 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Summer Speed and Agility Training Program

June 7 - July 26, 2022

8 Week Program

Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM // Fridays 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 




Congratulations to Coach Ray and the Second Baptist Eagles on a BIG win
in the 2021 HJPC Championship game 40 - 8!

"The Mindset of Champions...."

(GCF Olympic & All-American Sprinters, Coach Emmanuel and Coach Tia)
We would like to announce our official WINTER Speed and Agility Training Program that will begin JANUARY 15, 2022.  This will be an 8-week program, meeting every Saturday (10am) and Wednesday (4pm) for approximately two hours.

 Athletes of ALL sports (soccer, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, track, tennis, etc) are encouraged to participate, especially those who participate in sports that require:
  • the ability to change direction
  • cut on a dime
  • develop bursts of speed
  • first step explosion
  • develop a longer stride length and quicker stride rate
  • speed mechanics
  •  increase in top speed and power

"Pressure is what you feel...when you are not prepared...."

This program will concentrate on: 

Running Form // Plyometrics // Overspeed Training // Resistance Training
 Acceleration Training  
// Power Development.

Winter Speed & Agility Training Program starts


We will test each student on the first day (1/15) and last day (3/12) of
training in the following areas: 

20 Yard Dash  -  40 Yard Dash  -  Short Shuttle
Broad Jump  -  60 Yard Shuttle



JAN 15 (complimentary), 19, 22, 26, 29 
FEB -  2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26
MAR -  2, 5, 9, 12 (complimentary)

We offer two (2) complimentary sessions in case of weather cancellation.
There will be NO makeup sessions unless weather forces us to cancel 
training more than twice.

This is a Collegiate / Professional Level Training Program
Due to the program being progressive in instruction, we cannot allow individuals to enter the program once training begins.  This is because we will be adding new material each week and will not be able to go back and re-teach what was previously taught.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS, so please get registered before the deadline
JANUARY 5, 2022.

(Individual Speed and Agility Training Offered Year-Round)

You can also contact us at: or 832-894-1684 to register
or for any additional information.  


"Something INSIDE...."
All-Positions Football Camp Recap


Day 1
Special Guest Speaker

  Mr. Johnathan Joseph
Houston Texans

Mr. Johnathan Joseph

Day 2
Guest Speaker

 Mr. Tommy Gillaspie
Houston's Top Attorney

Mr. Tommy Gillaspie

Day 3
Guest Speaker

  Terrance Gates
Nation's Top Engineer

Terrance Gates

Day 4
Featured Speaker

  Coach Ray

Terrance Gates



Speed and Agility Training

Focuses on: Running Form - Plyometrics - Overspeed Training - Resistance Training - Power Development and Acceleration Training

This program is designed to affect your ability to change direction, vertical jump/ leap, ability to cut on a dime, develop burst of speed and more.

Recommended for female and male athletes of all sports; individual, group and team training available year-round.

WINTER�Speed and Agility Training
(for males & females of all sports)

Jan 12, 16, 19, 23, 26 & 30
Feb 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23 & 27
March 2, 6 & 9

( Wednesdays �4pm & Saturdays 10am)

LOCATION: Spring Branch/ Memorial Area

Click HERE to Register


Upcoming Summer 2019 Programs:

June 10 - July 29

Mon 6:30pm - 8:30pm� �//� Thurs 6:30pm - 8:30pm

June 11 - July 30

Tue 6:30pm - 8:30pm� �//� Friday 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Speed &�Agility Training� //� Strength�& Conditioning Training
Cardiovascular & Conditioning� //� Track & Field Program
offered year-round.


2019 "Something INSIDE..."
All-Positions Football Camp
JULY 15-18, 2018

CB Johnathan Joseph

with Special Guest Speaker...
Cornerback Johnathan Joseph!

Darnell Autry SI


with Special Guest Speaker...
Running Back and Heisman Trophy Candidate

Mr. Darnell Autry!


"There is a TRUTH...."
All-Positions Football Camp Recap

A BIG thank you to everyone who contributed - staff, athletes, and sponsors. Every year is different, however they all have the special GCF feeling that you can't find anywhere else.

One of the main focuses of the camp is to instill inspiration through our speakers to help our youth impact their communities, so we're thankful for our leaders. Looking forward to next year! 


Day 1
Special Guest Speaker

Captain & Starting Safety
William Bennett

William Bennett

Day 2�
Guest Speaker
Newt Barineau

Newt Barineau

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors,
without you this camp�would not be possible.

George and Alicia Andrush

Robert and Marcy Duncan

Tommy and Julie Gillaspie

Tod and Amy Greenwood

Flint Chaney Photography

Desert Stars Las Vegas

and our camp partners, SpringSpirit Baseball

SpringSpirit Logo


Day 3
Guest Speaker
TJ McLaughlin

TJ McLaughlin

Day 4
Featured Speaker
Coach Ray, Founder, GCF Training

Coach Rodney Ray


CBS Sports Radio: Coach Ray Interview *REPLAY*


Listen to the replay of the radio interview for CBS Sports
Radio station 98.1 FM "the Ticket". Hear Coach Ray tell his inspiring
story, including his college days at Northwestern University to how Games of Champion Fitness transpired!




Indianapolis Colt's Receiver and AFC Champion,
Taj Smith, as our newest member and Receiver Coach!

Coach Taj


All training held in the Spring Branch/ Memorial Area.

Football Field Training & Coaching

Focuses on Mental Preparation - Technique - Fundamentals
- Keys and Specific Reads.

Summer�Football Field Training and Coaching
June & July


Track & Field Program

Track and Field Image

This program specializes in speed endurance and maximizing your overall top speed. We focus on the technical aspect of running such as:

-Proper foot placement

-Contacting the ground correctly

-Increasing your rotational turnover

Using correct arm movement

-Maximizing force and power

This program is for sprinters participating in:

-100m dash - 4x100
-200m dash - 4x200
-400m dash - 4x400

We also offer specialized training for baseball and football athletes preparing for:

- 60yd. dash (baseball)
- 40yd. dash (football)


Individual or Group Fitness Training

Personal Training in gym

Interested in losing weight or bodyfat? Increasing muscle mass
and/or strength? Or simply want to maintain your current shape?
The GCF staff of personal trainers is made up of proven athletes that don't just talk the game, but know how to play it. Our personal training services include customized training programs for each individual. We achieve this by focusing on our six major fitness components:

- Body Composition (fat mass/ muscle mass)
- Muscular Strength
-Muscular Endurance
- Cardiovascular Health
- Flexibility
- Nutritional Guidance

For more information contact us at
to set up a complimentary consultation which includes:

- Personal Goal Analysis
- Body Fat Percentage Calculation
- Body Measurements
- Body Weight and Muscle Mass Analysis
- A complete workout session


for student athletes only


The program focuses on:

Strength, Power, Size and Endurance

Register for any of our programs by contacting
�or visit our online store�HERE.


UT's Newest QB...our own Jimmy Greenwood

Read Jimmy's testimonial (below) of how he ended up on the University of Texas Football Team!

"I have been a Longhorn football fan since the day I was born, and like most kids, I dreamed of playing quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. As a kid, I went to Longhorn games almost every weekend during football season, and actually dressed up as a Longhorn football player for Halloween at least five years straight. I admired quarterbacks like Major Applewhite, Vince Young and Colt McCoy and aspired to be on the field and lead the Longhorns to victories like them. The first step to reaching my goal was to become the starting quarterback for my school team, the Kinkaid Falcons.

As a ten-year old kid, I started working with Coach Rodney Ray and GCF on speed and agility. From day one, Coach Ray had a consistent positive attitude, and was extremely determined to see me succeed. I saw something different in Coach Ray that I had never seen before in a coach. He cared so much about me as a person, not just a football player. He was so passionate about life and so passionate about me living to my full potential in everything I did. In workouts, he would push me extremely hard, but at the same time, we had some of the coolest talks I've ever had. We talked about faith, growing as a person, and defeating the odds by going against the grain. We trained throughout middle school and all through high school.

After high school, I gave up on my dream of playing quarterback for the Longhorns. I made the worst mistake a person can make- I listened to the opinion of other people. I listened to all the people around me telling me I was too small, I wasn't fast enough, and didnt have the arm strength. After hearing others opinions of why I could never accomplish my dream, I completely walked away from the thought of playing college football and attended the University of Texas as a regular student my freshman year.

After freshman year, I came home for the summer and joined GCF's weight training program. Coach asked me to help with the Games of Champion Fitness annual football camp as the assistant quarterback coach. While coaching the GCF Summer Football Camp, Coach Ray told me I was throwing the ball too well not to try out for UT's team. For two weeks, I told Coach Ray he was crazy and I wouldn't try out because I couldn't imagine making the team. As usual, Coach wouldn't stop telling me to go Against the Grain and trust that God can do anything that we can believe, and also wanted to prove that other peoples opinion of who I can become and accomplish had no value. Finally, to get him to stop, I agreed to let him find out what it would take.

Out of the blue, and during a weight training session, Coach Ray called UT and with lots of convincing, arranged a meeting with the coaches on the first day of school. With only three weeks to prepare, we started an intense training program of weight training, conditioning training, and specialized quarterback training. After three weeks of some of the most intense training of my life, Coach Ray and I went to Austin for our scheduled tryout and I performed the best that I've ever performed in my life! To make a long story short, because I was willing to go against the grain, believe that anything was possible and had a Coach who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, I was able to make the team and achieved a lifelong dream that I had walked away from. Working with Coach Ray and GCF has been such a huge blessing. I know he always has my back, and I can always count on him. He is such a great friend to me and one of the best people I know."

- Jimmy Greenwood, #19

Congratulations Jimmy! We cannot think of a more deserving individual to have reached this accomplishment and we are very proud of you!


youtube link


receiver- taj smith

Congrats to our own Taj Smith for winning the 101st Grey Cup Championship with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL)! He also led the league with over 1,000 receiving yards on 78 catches, and 7 touchdowns this season! Coach Ray worked with and helped prepare Taj earlier this year during the off-season. This is what Taj had to say about working with GCF:

"This off-season I had the opportunity to train with Coach Ray, and his program resulted in me getting back into the best shape of my life! I'm stronger, more agile and able to maintain my top speed longer. Being a professional athletes these attributes are vital to my success. In just one season, my stats increased and I'm recognized as one of the top receivers in the league. I recommend Coach Ray's experienced training to any level athlete for a long successful career.

I appreciate the opportunity and time Coach Ray put in with me. I will be back in the off-season. Thanks for getting me ready for one level... Championship!"

and he happened to WIN the CHAMPIONSHIP!!! HMMM......


Click here to read our article (located on page 22) published in Vype High School Sports magazine

Vype magazine article