Here are a few testimonials from some of our student-athletes and their parents:

"We first met Coach Ray about 10 years ago when our oldest son started training with him. Our son, Jimmy was a tall and skinny kid splitting time at QB for Kinkaid then. We were impressed with Coach Ray’s athletic expertise, but could tell from the beginning he was different from other trainers and would be special in our lives.

Jimmy continued training with Coach through middle school and on to high school. He worked more and more with Coach Ray and that work along with Coach Ray’s inspiration and expertise translated into significant improvement in Jimmy’s strength and speed.  When Jimmy’s opportunity finally came his senior season Coach Ray had him ready. Although he had a somewhat successful senior season, he was not considered a Division 1 prospect, at least not to anyone but Coach Ray.

Even after not receiving any offers Coach Ray kept telling him he was good enough, he just had to believe. This past summer heading into his sophomore year, with Coach Ray’s constant encouragement Jimmy decided to walk on as a QB at the University of Texas, and they went to work, running, lifting, throwing and preparing mentally. He showed up confident, in shape and ready to go. This work paid off, Jimmy made the team and is now living his dream of playing football for The University of Texas!

This absolutely would not have happened without Coach Ray’s belief in Jimmy, his faith in God and his constant encouragement.  We will always be thankful that Coach Ray has been a part of our family’s life and been so instrumental in allowing our son to live out his childhood dream!"

-Tod and Amy Greenwood
(Jimmys parents)


"The off-season after my sophomore football season was the first time I tried training with GCF. I went into it thinking it would be just like every other workout I’d done before, and that I could finish it with no problem. I have never been more wrong in my life. The GCF speed training was the most challenging athletic event I had ever attempted. I was more tired after my first session than I had been after any varsity game from the year before. Coach Ray made me realize that this is what it takes to be a champion and that I had been doing only what it took to get by.

Coach Ray and Coach Emmanuel helped me perfect my running form and realize that first step explosion. Coach Boutte helped me realize my full potential on the defensive line. With all this extra instruction, I entered my junior football season in the best shape of my life and was awarded all-district and all-state honors.

Many of the things that help me be the best football player I can be, come from what Coach Ray and the Games of Champions Fitness staff has taught me. Coach Ray was always there to push me whenever I felt I was too tired to continue. He made me realize that 90% of the time when I thought I had given everything I had, I had a little bit left over. Coach Ray inspired me to leave everything out on the field so that when the game was over, no matter what the result was, I knew I had given it my all. The work ethic and drive Coach Ray has inspired in me is the primary reason that I will be playing college football at an excellent academic institution."

-David Kroll

"We thank Coach Ray and the GCF staff for helping our son approach his full potential both on and off the field. Our son grew from a boy just doing what it takes to get by both academically and athletically in 9th and 10th grades to a confident young man of integrity, on and off the field. Through hard work and preparation from GCF, he lead his team in tackles his junior year and did things on the field that he never thought he would be able to do before working with Coach Ray. The work ethic instilled in him enabled him to accomplish all-district and all-state honors.

GCF workouts and football camp prepared our son for football and other challenges. At 230 pounds, he often lined up against 300 plus pound offensive tackles.  Coach Baker taught him the technical skills to dominate those bigger linemen, and Coach Ray taught him the spirit and the attitude to compete. When a concussion and mono sidelined him for half the season his senior year, it was a true test of his inner strength and faith. Always looking out for his athletes, Coach Ray stepped forward and encouraged him to persevere beyond the limitations he was experiencing. Even though he only competed in the last 5 games of his senior season, he made several game-changing plays and again, made all-district. We are thankful for that championship attitude that was instilled in him from the coaches at GCF.  

At every workout, Coach Ray, Coach Emmanuel and the GCF staff teach kids about football and about life in the real world. We are grateful that our son connected with Coach Ray and we know that his influence on our son’s character and football knowledge is in large part responsible for the fact that he will be playing defensive end this fall for Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee."

-Dan and Lisa Kroll (David's parents)


"I am writing this as we are packing our son up to start summer school and football training at a Division I college football program in Texas. Without Rodney and his amazing team, our son's dream of playing college football would never have been possible. Leighton started training with Rodney at 12 years old and over the next six years he transformed a slow, uncoordinated boy who just wanted to play football into an athlete. Each year working with Rodney, Leighton gained more confidence, speed and skill. With Rodney’s help he was able to drop his high school 40 time by .8 of a second!

The training and skills Rodney teaches through GCF are awesome, but what makes Rodney truly special is his genuine love and care for the kids he works with. Rodney has been more than a trainer for our son, he is a mentor who has encouraged his personal growth athletically, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Rodney has been a blessing to Leighton and our entire family. Holly and I cannot express all that Rodney has done for our son -- he is and will always be a big part of our family."

  Jack and Holly Gilbert

Leighton Test

"I have worked with GCF over the past 7 years. When we first started working together I was slow, fat, uncoordinated and in poor physical condition. I am now writing this from my college dorm at UTSA, where I am a member of their, soon to be Division 1, college football team. Coach Ray has been more than instrumental in the shaping of my athletic career. I would never have gotten where I am today without Rodney Ray and GCF.
As an instructor and a mentor, on and off the field, there is no equal. His insight into athletic training, football and success is unparalleled. What Rodney does for his athletes goes far above and beyond any mere physical trainer or coach. Rodney cares about each and every player individually and strives to help them succeed and attain their goals in whatever they do, not just in athletics, but in life itself. He is a constant source of wisdom and encouragement. I have no words for how highly I regard Rodney as a mentor, a coach and a friend.
Over the course of the 2010 season, my senior year, I racked up 87 tackles and 6 sacks against the hardest teams in the state of Texas. My team went all the way to the state semifinals, the farthest any Memorial football team has gone in 33 years. I won several awards, such as 2nd team all-district, Doug Dawson Most Improved Player Award and H.M. Landrum Defensive Line Award. I owe my athletic career to God and the insight, hard work and dedication of Rodney Ray and GCF."

  Leighton Gilbert

“Since I was young I loved the game of football and dreamed of playing for a Division I college football team. Upon graduating high school, I was offered an invitation to join the University of Oklahoma Track and Field Team. I was so excited about the chance to compete at the Division I level but it just wasn’t what I truly wanted. My dream of playing college football was slipping away.

Until one day I met Rodney Ray and my dream came alive again. He immediately offered to work with me on developing my football skills in hopes of walking onto the football team at Oklahoma. Rodney also made numerous phone calls to the University to help boost my status. With his help and efforts I was able to walk onto the University of Oklahoma football team and join them that season in Miami for the National Championship game. Thanks Rodney!”

  Alex M.

“Immediately after Alex began training with Rodney, we saw developmental changes.  Along with the weight training and field exercises, Rodney’s personal insight of the game, helped Alex prepare mentally as well.  In addition and most valuable Rodney assisted with personal calls to coaches.  With his prior collegiate and professional football background, Rodney had access and instant credibility with university coaches.  As a result, Alex became a member of the University of Oklahoma football team.  As an OU team member he went to the NCAA National Championship game against the University of Southern California.

We are thankful to God for placing Rodney in our son’s path and helping him realize his childhood dream.”

  Ruben & Toni
Parents of Alex

"What I love about working with Rodney and Games of Champion Fitness is whether I need help with conditioning, speed and agility, assistance in school or just somebody to talk to, I just call him.

I wasn't born with a silver platter, but throughout my life I tried to make good decisions about who I let come into my life, who stays and who goes. When I met Rodney Ray, I knew it would be a long lasting friendship that will only work out for the best. In workouts we push each other to the limit. He sets high, reasonable standards and gives you the faith that you can accomplish them. If you are a terrible athlete, you won't be when you finish working with Games of Champion Fitness and if you are a good athletes, you are on your way to being the best. Talent only takes you so far, the rest is what GCF constantly preach: commitment, trust, faith, attitude and never quitting. 

This program has taught me so many important things about life, not just sports. It's the best thing I've ever seen. GCF has made an huge impact on my life."

  Xavier B.

“After playing almost three seasons of football as a wide receiver, my son Cash still hadn’t scored his first touchdown.  Cash didn’t lose heart.  He decided that he loved the game and wanted to be good at it.  Being a trainer myself, I decided it was time to call in some extra help.

Cash started working with Games of Champion Fitness each week.  I could see that Cash’s athletic performance and his confidence were improving every session. In a twist of fate the team lost their starting quarterback and the coach noticed Cash improving as an athlete, was smart, and felt that he was a strong leader.  Therefore, he thought that Cash was the best man for the job.

With only one week to prepare, GCF began training Cash to be a quarterback.  Finally, during his first game in this new position Cash scored the first two touchdowns of his career and led his team to win!

Rodney once said that he thought playing quarterback was going to be a life changing experience for Cash.  But really, having Rodney and GCF’s team as his trainers has been the life changing experience.  It’s because of GCF that Cash has improved so much athletically and gained so much confidence and ability in such a short period of time. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

(Cash’s Mother)

“I first began training with Games of Champion Fitness while playing wide receiver.  When we lost our starting quarterback, instead of using the second string, coach called me into his office. With less than a week to practice throwing passes, we won with a shutout and my team carried me off of the field on their shoulders. I was named MVP of the game!

Rodney continues to train me, now as a quarterback instead of a receiver. In only nine months my skills have surpassed some players who already have several years of quarterback experience. I am throwing perfect 50 yard passes now. I never could have done this in such a short time without Rodney’s help. He has taught me the essentials of leading a team, supported me at my games and changed my entire attitude about how I look at football. This year I feel like no other team will be able to stop me!”


“After one week of training, I noticed my son’s attitude had changed tremendously.  The confidence that my son started to exhibit was unbelievable.

I immediately began to notice my son’s running form, speed, agility and commitment to the game increase.  Matt had gone from riding the bench to starting at corner after just a couple of months of working with Rodney.  The coached asked me what I was doing because they noticed a tremendous change in Matt themselves.  They said he was now a self starter and leader on the team.

I can’t thank him enough for the dedication he had demonstrated to my son.  His professionalism coupled with his ability to get the most out of my kid, produce results and a winning combination."

  Mike W.
(Matthew’s Father)

“Working with GCF has been the best thing that could have ever happened in my life.  The experience has transformed me from an average football player into a college bound football athlete.  The football program teaches you the basics, fundamentals and the mental side of the game.  I feel I’ve learned more about the sport, the game and life in the past two years than my whole life.

Rodney also focuses on making sure we think about life beyond sports.  He has programs designed to also help you succeed in the classroom as well.  But the best is the speed training; I was running the 40 yard dash in 4.81 before working with GCF.  I now run my 40 in 4.41!  All I had to bring with my was heart and will” 

  Matthew T.